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How to Import an Andalusian Horse from Spain

When you begin to research import Andalusian Horse from Spain, everyone will tell you all the problems involved. None of it is true. It is actually very simple.

First things first. You must find the Andalusian Horse the is right for you. If you do not wish to travel to Spain, I feel the best contact is Lanys Kaye-Eddie of Gremlin Farms ( ). She has very extensive knowledge and is an asset to any Andalusian Horse search.

Once you have found your Andalusian Horse, there is only one person you need to call. His name is Edgar Heyn . Edgar is by far the #1 Andalusian Horse transporter in all of Spain. There are no words that can describe his professionalism and his care for the animals. All you need to do is give him the name of your Andalusian Horse and the horse's location. He literally handles all of the details and arrangements. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your horse to arrive. Edgar Heyn is not only a professional he is a good friend to whom I consider part of my extended family.
Edgar Heyn
Paseo del Pinar, 53
28230 LAS ROZAS (Madrid)
Phone: + 34 609 067 951 - + 34 917 104 908
Fax: + 34 917 104 907

This is the best advice I can give someone in the market to transport an Andalusian Horse from Spain.
Avi Cohen

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